Hanna/ Barbara on Lifestyles.

From: Ian Lynn <lynn_at_gentire.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 07:47:57 CDT

On one of my many surfs around the channels, I did catch this.
It mostly focused on the men themselves and how they started out
and worked their way up. The kats were on towards the end of the
segment. Joe(I think) was talking about the next generation of
Hanna/Barbara starting with shows like 2SD and SK and to watch for
the new Jonny Quest in the future. The interview was old and I had
seen this a year or so ago. H/B talked about the buyout ( I think the
interview was just after the buyout), and thanked Ted for reviving
their toons on a new station. They mostly consentrated on the old
toons though, Huck, Yogi, Snaggs, etc.


"God bless Ted Turner" -Dan Conner (Rosanne)
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