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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 95 13:29:47 EDT

> Check out "Ghost Pilot" -- you'll notice that the guard at the
>museum states that "the plane looks pretty good for being 50 years old".
>It's one of the fighter planes common to "Mega War II", but it's a
>_bi-plane_, which were obsolete in our world at the end of 1918. The
>'Kats have gone from biplane to upper-atmosphere capable jets in just
>over fifty years - and it's taken us over 80. (Wonder what they flew in
>"MegaWar I" -- kites?).

This grated on me as well, but I just assumed that the writers who
penned the MW2 lines were as ignorant of history as most residents
of the US :)

Biplanes didn't really become obsolete until the early 30's. On
Earth that is :)

> The other thing you notice from the "Ghost Pilot" ep, is Mayor Manx
>comments that the "Blue Manx" was his 'great-grandfather'. Man, 'Kats
>must have _short_ lifespans, because Manx looks about 50-odd, his father
>would have to be at least 70, his grandfather 90 and his great
>grandfather 110 - which would make the 'Blue Manx' the oldest fighter
>pilot in living memory at the astonishing age of 60!

The best thing I liked about the Blue Manx was the symbol on his
plane - crossed golf clubs with golf balls above and below. At least
something is in the genes of the Manxes; courage certainly isn't :)

> You'll also note that the writer, Von Williams, left the ending of
>this particular ep ambiguous at best; you see Mayor Manx shoot down the
>new Enforcer jet, but it conveniently "explodes" in twenty fathoms of
>water so the viewer doesn't know for sure if that's the end or not. With
>65 episodes planned at that point, it's safe to assume the answer is "not".

But if getting shot down by the descendant of his nemesis won't kill
the Red Lynx, what will?

I also noticed a _lot_ of clearly fatal air-to-air kills in this
episode. Very refreshing compared to normal TV fare. Combat is not
a safe thing to engage in after all.

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