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>Ed Rudnicki writes:
>> >The 'Kats have gone from biplane to upper-atmosphere capable jets in
>> >just over fifty years - and it's taken us over 80. (Wonder what
>> >they flew in "MegaWar I" -- kites?).
>> This grated on me as well, but I just assumed that the writers who
>> penned the MW2 lines were as ignorant of history as most residents
>> of the US :)
>Well, if Megakat City is more technologically advanced than our own, then
>who's to say they couldn't have developed stuff that quickly? Perhaps
>the Industrial Revolution (or its Kat-equivalent) hit Megakat City a lot
>sooner (or had more of a delayed action there) than it did the U.S.

This could be true, but it still doesn't explain Mega War _2_. If
MW2 was the equivalent of our Great War (WW1), then what was Mega
War 1? The Great War couldn't have been fought more than a
generation or two before it was, because the technology and logistic
infrastructure weren't available for a global conflict.

Unless of course Kats don't live all over their planet, such that a
total conflict of that sort would take place over a smaller region.

Also interesting was that the Red Lynx was "on the wrong side". I
don't know that other Kat "nations" were ever touched upon that way,
except of course for the Siamese, who are a different "race".

>In other news, while rewatching the episode "The Giant Bacteria," I
>noticed a sign that's clearly marked "Megacat City Salvage Yard" (yes,
>it's spelled as I've typed it). Grr -- the city's name is spelled with
>a 'k', not a 'c'!

In "Ghost Pilot" hangar was spelled "hanger" once. The joys of
overseas animation? :)

>> The best thing I liked about the Blue Manx was the symbol on his
>> plane - crossed golf clubs with golf balls above and below. At least
>> something is in the genes of the Manxes; courage certainly isn't :)
>So you're saying that Manx's speech about "there being a long tradition
>of courage and bravery in the Manx family" isn't true? ;-) Better not
>let him hear you say that...

Well maybe there is a tradition of courage and bravery in the
family; it just manifests itself differently. The Blue Manx was
brave without worrying about getting reelected :)

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