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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 08:34:10 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995, Ed Rudnicki wrote:

> Unless of course Kats don't live all over their planet, such that a
> total conflict of that sort would take place over a smaller region.

     "Lynx" had Germanic voice inflexions, just as Mr. Yung had Oriental,
leading me to believe the 'Kat world is just as diverse as our own.
You'll notice the Enforcers had an aircraft carrier in the same "Ghost
Pilot" ep (no angled flight deck, sadly) which was _certainly_ not
intended to defend MegaKat Bay! (it looked like an old Essex type with a
hint of "Lexington").

> In "Ghost Pilot" hangar was spelled "hanger" once. The joys of
> overseas animation? :)

     Don't forget "Cement Machingan" in "Unlikely Alloys" during the
first TurboKat/Zed confrontations. Someone grab Razor by the scruff of
the neck and teach that 'Kat how to spell.

 CALLIE: "Watch out for Feral, he'll be after your heads!"
 T-BONE: "...Razor _already_ is..." (rubbing back of head after close
          encounter of the cement machineGAN kind)
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