Re: SWAT Kats meet the Flintstones

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 03:20:23 -0400

oh, in case anyone couldn't tell, I was joking too :)

but then again... what an interesting challenge. SWAT Kats meet X,
in a manner that's neither undignified nor tacky.

for starters, throw out any time-travel or alternate-universe scenario.

hmm. one way to do it is maintain a fiction-barrier between the two.
X appears in the Kat universe as a cartoon that the Kats watch, and it
gets tied into the plot in odd ways. perhaps the villain is a raving
fan (or a raving animator) who's upset that the X got cancelled, and
goes around terrorizing the city with copycat crimes.

this scenario puts curious constraints on what X can be. it doesn't
make sense for there to be human cartoons in the Kat universe.
something like 2 Stupid Dogs is almost workable though.

well, hmm. lemme start over with a specific X (not the Flintstones).
to make sure it never actually materializes, how about something
Disney? Talespin crossed with Kats is almost easy. need to push
Talespin forward about 30 years to match the tech. middle-aged Kit

hmm. Higher for Hire can't stay the same for 30 years. does Kit
become a commercial jet pilot, a mid-sized businessman, or something
more exciting?

nah, try something harder. Bonkers crossed with Swat Kats.

problem here is that the obvious approach is to make the Kats toons,
except the Kats aren't very bonkers-toon-ish. in some ways the Kats
world is more real than the Bonkers world. (which is part of the
problem with Bonkers. its "real world" is never very real.)

just had an odd thought. in the Bonkers world, obviously Bonkers gets
to play a role in the SWAT Kats movie. maybe Razor. *shudder*

scratch that idea.

hmm, might be able to play post-modern games with fiction and reality,
but there are big disadvantages to that.

hard to place humans in the Kats world. well, maybe with some minor
revamping. but no. leave humans out.

ok, Bonkers can show up in the Kats world, but he can't be very
toonish without magic. maybe he _thinks_ he's toonish (probably from
watching too much CNN), and wanders around being a menace to himself
and to others ("look at me jump off this skyscraper!"). he's a
trickster character, not really a villain. more an annoyance, and an
opportunity to present a strange POV of the Kats. ("ooh, can I press
the red button? how come you guys _never_ let me fly the plane?
those origami missiles you have are really neat-o. do you have one
that turns into a huge baseball bat and knocks the bad guys into left

eesh. someone shoot me before I hurt myself.

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