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On Jun 12, 3:20am, Felix Lee wrote:
> Subject: Re: SWAT Kats meet the Flintstones
> oh, in case anyone couldn't tell, I was joking too :)
> but then again... what an interesting challenge. SWAT Kats meet X,
> in a manner that's neither undignified nor tacky.
> for starters, throw out any time-travel or alternate-universe scenario.
> hmm. one way to do it is maintain a fiction-barrier between the two.
> X appears in the Kat universe as a cartoon that the Kats watch, and it
> gets tied into the plot in odd ways. perhaps the villain is a raving
> fan (or a raving animator) who's upset that the X got cancelled, and
> goes around terrorizing the city with copycat crimes.

A way around this is to have events that occur at a different time, set up
events that occur in the Kats' present. A tool, map, book, just about anything
can be critical to the resolution of the problem and provide the key to the
resolution. This type of solution has been used before in some of the episodes,
but it can also be tied in tighter.


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