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On Jun 10, 8:44am, Andy Hill wrote:
> Subject: (fwd) Scooby Doo Movie Announced!
> **I crossed this to the list, just to show cluelessness in action. No
> 'KATS movie, yet we have Space Ghost, Scooby, and Captain Planet all
> announced in the same year? No comment.**

This makes sense in accordance with the long term plans annoouned by HB. If you
have ever gone to Universal Studios in Florida. The HB ride, H & B say after
the Jetsons that other characters will be getting their own movies, this
includes Scooby Doo

> Subject: Scooby Doo Movie Announced!
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> That's right everyone's favorite cartoon canine is finally getting his
> own movie! Just caught a bit of this announcement on Headline News. I
> didn't catch if it was going to be a real cast or a cartoon, but I did hear
> that all the original characters would be there. If anyone has more info
> than this please post.
> Tommy McClain


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