From: <Frplayguy_at_aol.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 04:28:22 -0400

For those of you on AOL (like me),I've just made a couple of SK PPAT images
for use as a desktop background. I took the images of T-Bone & Razor from the
.JPG found in the Cartoon Network library as well as a really nice looking
frame grab of Callie Briggs from the TV show (thank you,Mr. Fay) converted it
over to a PICT file,and then converted it into a PPAT file. If you're a Mac
user (again,like me),then you'll need to first have a copy of Stuffit
Expander handy (since both files are compressed),as well as a copy of BEFORE
DARK to put the images onto your Mac's workbench (both programs are available
in the AOL downloads library). I'm not sure if PC users can also get to use
PPAT files for their own machines or not,but I hope they can. I've just
uploaded them a few minutes ago & I hope AOL will allow it to be available
for downloads. The filenames to look for are "SWAT KATS.sit" and
"SKCallie.sit". ENJOY!


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