Re: SWAT Kats meet the Flintstones

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 08:26:44 -0400

Mitch Botwin:
> A way around this is to have events that occur at a different time,
> set up events that occur in the Kats' present. A tool, map, book,
> just about anything can be critical to the resolution of the problem
> and provide the key to the resolution.

hmm. ok. this is the time-travel approach, without actual

so some archeologist/paleontologist kats uncover remnants of the
Flintstones civilization, and somehow this gets tied to a badguy
scheme. my first impulse is to invent some exciting tale of academic
intrigue: a tenure-hungry professor who will stop at nothing to be the
first to publish. rather like Indy Jones, but without the action and
adventure :)

but then it would be hard to do an interesting narrative in the
Flintstones time. hmm. how about a frozen-caveman scenario? urgh.

I really have to stop this random plotting..

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