Re: SWAT Kats meet the Flintstones

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 07:34:05 -0400

> ahhh.. you're just yankin' my tail! And when was the last time you
> were in Africa? ;)

never. I was going to say something clever about mitochondrial Eve,
but I realized it made no sense. :)

(boyfriend 3000km away is in Portland Oregon, not Africa. well,
Mt. Hood looks like Mt. Kilimanjaro, if you squint. :)

> Besides, I think it'd be funny for Jake & Chance to be catching _a_
> cartoon on their Katsui TV which had kat thropomorphized humans on
> it! (Well... maybe not..)

ok, silly question for today is: what would a katamorphic ape look
like? the kats would use a basic kat shape, but modify it with
characteristic ape traits. things that distinguish kats from apes.

problem is, kats are anthropomorphic already, so there's not much room
to work with.

rounded ears on the side of the head, exaggerated since it's a major
visible difference. fur, since human hair is an oddity. flat teeth.
probably a flat nose. maybe a protruding jaw. no tail. plantigrade.

hmm. stockier build, not as tall, especially legs. except the
females; female katamorphs look very much like kats, complete with
enlarged mammary glands, long kat-like hair, etc.

dunno what else.

oh well. it's really too bad they didn't let the Aquians be human...

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