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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 17:14:20 -0400

This past weekend I was in Chicago at the American Booksellers Association
(ABA) for their yearly conference. One of the booths was Turner publications.
The Turner animation group was represeneted. I deceided to go over and talk to
representative about the Guys.

The gentilman, when asked about the cats said the project was cancelled due to
lousy merchadise sales. I responded, that I hadn't seen any product nor any ads
for product. He said there were some items made, but no interest.

        This forms an interesting loop - no ads no interest
                                         no interest no product
                                         no product no ads - interesting

The gentilman stated that there would be no new episodes, but there would be a
Kats month and a push for them (why if there is no merchandise?).

I now digress

They were pushing the new Johnny Quest, with animation samples. Similar style
to the Kats, possible same animation house, storyboards and scripts done by
Turner in house. I asked for characterization and plots, and he said yes, we
will see.

Back to the topic

The salesman was trying to turn me away from an old item and on to the new
projects they had coming out. I mentioned there was some feeling that it might
be due to the violence present in the Kats, but he didn't react. The Quest
stuff looks like it might have a bit of real looking violence, unlike the
Captain Planet crap.


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