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On Jun 8, 5:37am, Andy Hill wrote:
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> Again, this is an old time Marketeers trick, "newer is better" -
> but even this taken in context with Turner's marketing of "Classic" H-B
> cartoons makes it a study in contradiction. It's _very_ hard to get any
> info on "Jonny" at the moment, but what I have heard is "the Jonny
> character model looks queer", and it's "woefully behind schedule". Lance
The Jonny character is older, Dr Quest is older and more frail, race is the
same, Hadji can no longer do magic but has more traditional skills and Bandit
has lost his Lassie abilities (Lassie go get Dad and remind him to shut off the
oven). There were limited hard copy, but they did have an animation teaser loop
running which looked fairly good. There will be another movie, before the show
is released in syndication.
> Falk reports that he tried to get an assignment on the program, his
> favourite from kiddie-days, but was "shut out by the old-boys network".
> The thing is, "Jonny" is likely to appeal more to the some of the same
> older age-bracket that's currently being ignored by the organization by
> the cancellation of 'KATS - and the new show won't appeal to any of the
> Furry-crowd at all. Someone over at H-B remarked "we learned our
> mistakes with SwatKats - for 'Jonny', we'll have all the marketing in
> place before the first episode is shown".
> "Too little, too late Feral"
> Andy
>-- End of excerpt from Andy Hill


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