Re: SWAT Kats at the ABA

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 10:49:38 -0400

Andy Hill:
> Coming soon to a theater near you, "The SWATKATS Meet the
> Flintstones: A Bedrock Heavy-Metal Christmas Carol" written and produced
> by Ted Turner.

what an ... odd idea. I can't decide if the Flintstones should be
displaced to the Kats world, or vice versa. probably Kats to the
Flintstones, since the Flintstones are stay-at-home types.

and since it's a Kats story, you get to kill off random characters.

urg. still can't make it work.

ok, how about standard time-travel scenario: the Kats and the
Pastmaster do the interfering-with-critical-evolution thing and come
back to a future that's inhabited by hairless apes with digital
watches, instead of good old MegaKat city.

so they go back to the past to try to restore their future, but of
course they can't return to that same critical instant, because they
can't stop their own past selves, so they go to a time some hundred
thousand years later, arrive in a place called Bedrock, and then wipe
out the human race, thus ensuring that their branch of the feline
family does eventually fill the tech-species niche left vacant by the
humans' absence.

umm, no, the Kats wouldn't do something like that. so how about the
Pastmaster does it. the Kats try to stop him, but fail. but
meanwhile they get to wrestle with their conscience: is killing a
million sentient creatures really any different than going back a
million years into the past to make sure those million creatures never
get born? should they let these humans have their history, or do they
really want to see Callie Briggs again? and how does this time travel
thing work without logical contradiction anyway?

umm, that's not a very Christmas story. okay, I give up. it's way
past my bedtime.

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