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Andy wrote:

>On Thu, 8 Jun 1995, Mitch Botwin wrote:

>> oven). There were limited hard copy, but they did have an animation
>> teaser loop
>> running which looked fairly good. There will be another movie, before
>> the show is released in syndication.

> "Limited Hard Copy", meaning? Did they have _any_ literature on the
>'KATS - I mean, "Flinstones" and the "Jetsons" are cancelled too, but you
>can't get _away_ from that stuff.

> Coming soon to a theater near you, "The SWATKATS Meet the
>Flintstones: A Bedrock Heavy-Metal Christmas Carol" written and produced
>by Ted Turner.

A friend of mine took some classes at H-B when he lived out in Crazyfornia.
He said their biggest problem was that they were always looking for
"Something new and different -- but with Yogi Bear in it." In other words,
they say they want new ideas, but always tend to fall back on the old

(That's my second-favorite of his stories. My favorite it the time Joe
Barbera came to his class and told them the thing that made Tom and Jerry
so funny was the fact that they NEVER spoke. He then showed the class an
old Tom and Jerry cartoon where they spoke. Oops! Sorry, Joe!)

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