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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 20:18:29 EDT

>Well look at it this way, everytime when Feral says, "Bring me chopper backup"
>at least the economy if Mega Kat City is really booming thanks to Feral. I
>mean take the factory that builds the Enforcer's choppers and jets. Those
>kats are getting some serious overtime. In fact these are the hidden heros
>of Mega Kat City cause it seams that there are building them as fast as Feral
>is in destroying them. Now thats a hero for ya!!!

This sounds an awful lot like Harry Harrison's little bit about why
bank robbery is good for the economy, in the "Stainless Steel Rat"
series :)

Actually Feral is hurting the economy. Those helos are being paid
for by tax dollars. And the collateral damage is being paid for by
insurance companies, who then charge higher premiums. So, as always,
the middle class kats are paying for Feral's incompetence.

>Getting back to the Swat Kats weapons, I'm surpize that Dana fail to mention
>that Razor's favorite missle is the "Plain Old Missle." And on the missle's
>body it reads "From Razor with love."

It has the advantage of working, something the gimmicky ordnance
doesn't always do.

Ed Rudnicki
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