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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 15:29:07 EDT

>> umm, I forget if the Kats even have traditional missiles. their
>> special weapons don't seem likely to do much in the way of civilian
>> casualties.
> They do have traditional missiles, "Chaos in Crystal": Razor;
> "I'll finish off those drones the old fashioned way!"

I'm not fully up to speed on the show (yet!), but I have noted a
number of instances of missiles with explosive warheads rather than
exotic features.

>> it's easy enough to imagine a missile abort when they miss their
>> target.
> Yeah, I kind of wondered about this too. I don't know about
>air-to-air, but I know the Tomahawks and some of the heavy BGM and cruise
>stuff has self-destruct. Hound-dogs, and Hawkeyes and the Shrike's and
>stuff may also. Another question for the Brothers Tremblay.

Tactical missiles rarely have a self-destruct feature. The missile
would not self-destruct when it missed a target because it doesn't
know it missed (that is, the target did not pass close enough for
fuze function). The only common application for self-destruct fuzes
is in antiaircraft artillery (Baghdad fireaworks show), where the SD
function is either timed or a function of projectile spin.

Missing missiles in SK should cause lots of collateral damage even
if they had a self-destruct, simply because they're being fired
among buildings, where an SD feature wouldn't have time to

>> the Enforcers seem as likely to do civilian casualties as the Kats.
> Heh! The Enforcers are more than likely to cause the civilian
>casualties, if from nothing else than injuries received by the populace
>when the daily quota of choppers falls out of the sky.

Is it me, or do too many Enforcers successfully bail out of their
helos? I know I've seen a few instances where they seem to go down
with their aircraft, which is realistic, but there are some where
they successfully get out, which is unlikely.

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