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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 19:08:04 EDT

>> Is it me, or do too many Enforcers successfully bail out of their
>> helos? I know I've seen a few instances where they seem to go down
>> with their aircraft, which is realistic, but there are some where
>> they successfully get out, which is unlikely.
> The second season eps show a lot less "hitting the silk". I have a
>friend that flies Bell 212's (civvy "Twin Huey") and the general rule
>about bailing out of choppers seems to be:
> "You auto-rotate, or you die."
> Think about it. You're in a BlackHawk that's crashing, and you jump
>out. Are you going to clear the rotor? Don't think so.

Well, the Russian Kamov Ka-50 Werewolf ("Airwolf, meet Werewolf" :)
has an ejection seat, and a means to detach the rotors for it, but
for other helos your friend is right.

It seems most of the Enforcer helos getting downed are going down in
flames. There should be no survivors. Not nice, but conflict seldom

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