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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 16:06:09 EDT

>> ...aah, don't know about this. Marketeers planning the toy lines
>> generally (Disney) try to steer the shows course along the lines of
>> confrontations with the villains that are likely to appear in Toys R Us.
>hmm. I guess I've been assuming that it's easy enough to create and
>sell arbitrary action figures. but besides the development costs,
>it's probably hard to pitch, say, a Callie figure at the 6-11 market.
>(is there an April O'Neil figure? I can't remember seeing one
>advertised. time to go digging in a toy store. just for research, of
>course :)

There are apparently several different April O'Neil figures, from
what I've read on

An interesting phenomenon I've noted is that if figures are good,
the toy collectors (and presumably the children who actually play
with the toys :) will buy them regardless of whether they're
associated with a series. I read a number of postings praising the
Gargoyles figures from people who'd never seen the show.

I don't know that a Callie figure would sell by itself in that
manner, though :)

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