Bad vehicle, list and lab day...

From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 23:36:42 -0800

... the story of today for yours truly.

First off, this morning the listmail gets screwed up... then while trying
to do some lab work a teflon bag breaks and a liquid nitrogen tank that
*should* have been working goes !_at_#$%^. *sigh* Good thing I don't have to
drive to and from campus, or something probably would have happened to my
car as well.

In any event, I received a couple of bounces that never made it through to
the list, but I'll resend them. One is Andy's comment about "the second
season showing less chutes than the first," and another is Tim Fay's
announcement about KATATONIC, the _Kats_ fanzine.

Paul: I accidently deleted all the mailing lists.

Even if the last backup was last week, or the week prior, I don't think
more than a handful of listers were lost. Hopefully those people who were
dropped will realize the sudden decline in listmail (from prolific to zero)
and will query me and/or rejoin the list.

Andy: [Feral]'s not too eager to nail the 'KAT guys, even in Razor's
       Edge where he has the best reason, he lets Razor leave the
       hospital without explaining himself beyond saying "book 'em".

Well, there's a very good reason for this. Feral wasn't even *in* the
hospital at the time. It was someone else who Razor threw the masks to and
said "book 'em" while he ran to rejoin his buddy. Most likely Feral was
busy trying to stop Dark Kat from taking over the city.

       Look how the character models changed from the first season -
       they're a lot more anime, and a lot more "edgy" and "angular".
       This process started in "Razor's Edge", but was refined to an
       incredible extent by this ep, the last one completed.

I noticed a definite anime influence in the series from the opening credits
of the second-season episodes. Ironically, a few weeks before the second
season episodes started, I was at a friend's place and he showed me an
anime sequence that does a 360-degree pan around a character as he suits
up. This is *exactly* what you see when Razor suits up as well, and this
animation sequence has been reused several times in the second-season
episodes ("Mutation City," for example).

       T-Bone looks like he dropped a few pounds between seasons,
       too - few less nachos I suspect.

Either that or the flies he started to ingest (cf. "Mutation City") <grin>.
Tho seriously, I've read that termites are a valuable source of fats and

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