Re: "A Deadly Pyramid" -- how deadly?

From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 23:50:25 -0800

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>Subject: Re: "A Deadly Pyramid" -- how deadly?
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>On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Ian Lynn wrote:
>> I guess it's kinda like the G.I. Joe theory, a plane would get blown up and
>> comes crashing to the ground, the pilot with chute deployed would come
>> to the ground.
>> I still get peaved about this anti-violence crappola. We, who grew up in the
>> '70's and early '80's, survived seeing Wiley smacking the ground with out
>>too many
>> adverse effects. That's where my appreciation for Japanese anime developed,
>> they aren't afraid to show a little real life. That's whyt I'm surprised
>> lets G-force on the Cartoon Network. Granted, its a watered down version of
>> original, but they still blantantly show death on the show.
>> Vent the anger--
> Speaking of changes, Christain Tremblay points to a folder full of
>fan-mail and says "somethings they liked, some things they didn't - and
>occasionally we went 'oh yeah, we didn't like that too much either'.."
>This violence thing. Has anyone noticed that the second season eps seem
>a little less concerned with showing 'chutes than the first? Think maybe
>the fan-mail to H-B contained much the same (unanimous, I might add)
>comments concerning violence on the show? Too bad that everyone
>in the production end of things learned the lesson being taught,
>and left Turner still standing at the blackboard after school banging out
>the brushes. I hope he chokes on the dust.

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