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>Subject: KATATONIC!
>I guess now would be as good a time as any to announce KATATONIC!, a 'zine
>dedicated to exploring the world of SWAT KATS!
>It's being put together by Kevin Stahnke, Bryant Velez, and myself. We're
>creating a SWAT KATS 'doujinshi' (you 'otaku' reading this will recognize
>the word; it means a Japanese-style fan publication). We plan to publish
>a limited run of this 'zine and each issue will concentrate on a specific
>SWAT KATS villain. Issue #1 will feature part 1 of Kevin's article on The
>PastMaster. The issue will also feature art by Bryant and myself, along
>with other features (like the "Mecha File" and "Character File").
>We're getting the art and final drafts put together, and if anyone on the
>list would like to contribute art, stories, or articles, please contact
>me via e-mail. But please do so right away! We will have the first issue
>of KATATONIC! available in time for A-Kon in Dallas, June 2-4 (Bryant, Kev,
>and I will be there). Hope to hear from you soon!

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