Re: Complex is hard in 22 mins, but 44?

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 05:24:00 -0400

I said:
> well, The Simpsons manages to do pretty complex things in 22 mins.
> but I guess satire and comedy are easier to dense-pack than drama..

Andy Hill:
> but comedy doesn't require the complex setups you need in ac/adv -
> which sometimes eat up 30 percent of the show.

well, let me retract my statement a little. if you strip away the
jokes in The Simpsons, there's usually substantial character drama
going on. and sometimes they have two unrelated stories intertwined.

hour-long drama series these days often have three or four things
going on in one episode. so it should be possible to pack a complex
story into 22 mins. (BTAS did it very well.)

> Heh! I've got almost 30 msgs a day sometimes,

oh, is that all? :)

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