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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 11:55:31 -0800

I've received a couple of email messages expressing concern about ticking
me off (or, in furry lingo, rubbing my fur the wrong way). My response is
don't worry about it because I usually let people know almost immediately
if they're doing something like that. This is especially easy to do in
email. <grin>

Also, as far as posting to the list versus private email: I don't worry
about this either; the reason I ask for stuff (like survey responses) to be
sent to me via email is because I don't want to flood anyone else's mailbox
with stuff that I'm specifically asking for. Because the list server is
automated and there's no moderation, anything you send to the list is
immediately distributed to everyone on the list.

And now, on to a few listmail replies:

Andy: I figure "beginning" would be ideal, maybe after some sequence
       involving the Enforcers getting trashed by some moderately
       menacing monster, and the 'KATS dispatching it.

Not to mention that this has been done in the series ("Bride of the
Pastmaster" comes to mind, for example).

       - how do you want to handle submissions [for the FAQ]?

OK, here's how I'll do it: I've already drafted up an FAQ file which
explains the "reasoning" behind Turner's cancellation of the series and
some of the rumors which have been floating around. I've also included
Hanna-Barbera's address, for anyone who wants to write the studio (note:
you probably also might want to write any local station you have that shows
the series). If you want to add stuff to the FAQ (and I'll acknowledge
everyone who submits stuff that I end up using), email me. (You can post
to the list if you want, but you may risk the wrath of those who don't want
FAQ material filling up their mailbox, particularly if it's repetitious.

Doc "K"onway: When I wrote my fanmail, one of the things I
               mentioned was the fact that they did dare to depict
               characters dying. I have never been able to stand the
               "fortunately there were no injuries in the nuclear
               blast" mentality that tries to shelter children from
               all unpleasantness.

Killing off characters, particularly one-shots, seems to be a new trend
that's coming up in not only SK, but other cartoons as well ("Mighty Max"
and "Exosquad", for example -- I've seen MM but not ES). But you've got
more than a valid point: the news is very violent as it is, and sometimes I
think TV news coverage seems to glorify this by doing special reports on
violent acts (human or natural), such as the Oklahoma bombing, O.J.
Simpson, the Kobe earthquake and so on.

I was talking with someone once who said he couldn't believe that the SWAT
Kats couldn't kill someone accidentally, especially if their misguided
missiles hit buildings and such. While this may be true, they've never
been *aware* of civilian casualties resulting from their missiles until the
episode "Razor's Edge." Any comments on this?

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