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From: Jonathan Higa <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 15:56:57 HST

>I was talking with someone once who said he couldn't believe that the SWAT
>Kats couldn't kill someone accidentally, especially if their misguided
>missiles hit buildings and such. While this may be true, they've never
>been *aware* of civilian casualties resulting from their missiles until the
>episode "Razor's Edge." Any comments on this?

Given that Commander Feral would have legal cause of action against the SWAT
Kats should they truly injure innocent citizens, I deduce that in fact they
have not injured any innocent citizens, as far as the Enforcers know. Razor
goes to great lengths to design the "disabling" missiles (as mentioned in
earlier posts). It is imperative to the SWAT Kats' cause that their right
to continue to serve and protect as private citizens is not suspended. I do
not deny that they are still good guys (using the tacitly accepted
definition of "good"). Rather, this perception of their cause also explains
why they aren't simply avoiding blowing up things for the sake of Broadcast
Standards and Practices.

-- Jonathan Higa,,

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