Re: Stuph, morbid and non-morbid...

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 02:53:54 -0400

Dana Uehara:
> I was talking with someone once who said he couldn't believe that the SWAT
> Kats couldn't kill someone accidentally, especially if their misguided
> missiles hit buildings and such.

umm, I forget if the Kats even have traditional missiles. their
special weapons don't seem likely to do much in the way of civilian

it's easy enough to imagine a missile abort when they miss their

given the number of villians/disasters that affect MegaKat City, maybe
the civilians have regular bomb-shelter drills. mmm, there should
probably be something like an airraid siren.

the Enforcers seem as likely to do civilian casualties as the Kats.

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