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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 06:32:30 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 25 Apr 1995, Felix Lee wrote:

> umm, I forget if the Kats even have traditional missiles. their
> special weapons don't seem likely to do much in the way of civilian
> casualties.

     They do have traditional missiles, "Chaos in Crystal": Razor;

        "I'll finish off those drones the old fashioned way!"

     Reaches to weaps panel, presses button, "Plain Old Missile" is selected.
Camera cuts to TKAT EXT and you see the missile deployed, dropping down a
couple of feet from the weapons bay before igniting, just for long enough
to catch that Razor had scrawled "From Razor With Love" on the outside.
Who can say he knew he was going to end up using it on a drone? I like
that guy.

> it's easy enough to imagine a missile abort when they miss their
> target.

     Yeah, I kind of wondered about this too. I don't know about
air-to-air, but I know the Tomahawks and some of the heavy BGM and cruise
stuff has self-destruct. Hound-dogs, and Hawkeyes and the Shrike's and
stuff may also. Another question for the Brothers Tremblay.

> given the number of villians/disasters that affect MegaKat City, maybe
> the civilians have regular bomb-shelter drills. mmm, there should
> probably be something like an airraid siren.
> the Enforcers seem as likely to do civilian casualties as the Kats.

     Heh! The Enforcers are more than likely to cause the civilian
casualties, if from nothing else than injuries received by the populace
when the daily quota of choppers falls out of the sky.

Andy (MegaKat City's taxes go up threefold everytime Feral says the famous
        "Bring me chopper backup!")

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