Gratuitous violence?

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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 07:59:51 -0400

-Swat Kats is a show that came out the "Johnny Quest snydorme" the age
-when Johnny Quest dominated the air waves with his non-superhero like

Ah, yes. Johnny Quest. Race snatching up a Tommy gun and mowing down
wave after wave of advancing Horrible Oriental Villains (H.O.V.'s).
Now THAT was good old-fashioned gratuitous violence! But at least it
showed the effects of pointing a submachine gun at a person and pulling
the trigger.

Now, indeed, the Kats do seem to be of the same ilk: ordinary fellows who
possess high-tech weaponry (and obviously some high-level funding on the
sly!) and know how to use it. But notice a subtle difference. The Kats
rarely (if ever) kill anyone. The death and devastation in MegaKat City is
always caused by the Nasty People -- train-eating bacteria, bus-throwing
mummies -- who are then dispatched by these ordinary citizens who are willing
to roll their sleeves up and fight.

Nice message, IMHO

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