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-> The "Mountain Tours" bus: is it just me, or did all of the passengers
-> on the bus, including the driver, get killed in that scene? When the
-> bus is thrown over the cliff, you hear the passengers as it lands in
-> the chasm. A few scenes later (in real-time, this would hardly be
-> enough for everyone to escape, provided they survived the bus's plunge
-> down the cliff), one of the mummies throws the bus at an Enforcer
-> chopper, destroying the bus (and chopper) in a large fireball.
- Got two phone calls on this, and had a, well...strongly worded
-e-mail exchange. Those people didn't get out, and it was clearly
-intended that way. I personally don't worry too much about defining
-villains in terms that involve actual consequences, but this was quite
--contrary to what usually gets by Broadcast Standards and Practices. I'm
-going to call Christian on this one, I liked this ep immensely ......

Standards and Practices be buggered!

When I wrote my fanmail, one of the things I mentioned was the fact that
they did dare to depict characters dying. I have never been able to stand
the "fortunately there were no injuries in the nuclear blast" mentality that
tries to shelter children from all unpleasantness. In an age where lunatics
can blow up crowded buildings in Midwest cities, I think that kids *need* to
be exposed to death, lest they be completely unable to handle it when it comes
to the real thing. I applauded the Tremblays for allowing Swat Kats to have a
body count, for this very reason. If parents are worried about their poor
little kiddies having nightmares if they see a busload of people get blasted
on a cartoon, then they'd damn well better worry about what's going to happen
when their little ones see the same thing happen on the news.

Just the two cents of a man who used to watch the Coyote actually hit the
ground, and still managed to lead a normal life when he grew up. :\


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