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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 06:55:09 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, Dana Uehara wrote:

> This sounds like a scene for the end of the movie, *but* it could also
> serve as a scene for the beginning.

I figure "beginning" would be ideal, maybe after some sequence involving
the Enforcers getting trashed by some moderately menacing monster, and
the 'KATS dispatching it - in other words, the movie opens right in the
middle of an action sequence, perhaps as the opening credits are rolling,
then we get the scene Kevin wrote. It'd play really well, the movie
would begin interesting, and we'd have the full spectrum of the 'KATS
do-good nature exposed before the "meat" of the movie.

> T-Bone: With *Feral* leading them, whaddaya expect? Besides, pal, what
> could *we* do, anyway?
> Razor: Well, I was thinking *we* could stop him.

     I really liked this device, of Razor repeating a phrase used by
T-Bone within his answer. T-Bone often phrases questions with a kind of
"sarcastic" edge, and Razor kind of de-fuses them with these kinds of

> Let me know if you'd like to put anything on the FAQ and I'll do my
> best to accommodate you.

     Hmm. I don't know that we've had any questions that frequently
asked yet, but as the start of some kind of KATS archive, it's a great idea.
Could start with the ep descriptions, where to find print articles
relating to the KATS, upcoming toys 'n' such, details of the cancellation
- how do you want to handle submissions?

> "The Deadly Pyramid" (an episode I didn't have on tape until this past
> showing) was on this past weekend. I've got a few comments
> on it (possible SPOILERS ahead):
> Animation by Mook. A lot of the stuff, especially the robot, looked
> very anime-ish (very nice, in other words). I heard from a couple of people
> that I was talking to at ConFurence 6 that Christian Tremblay had
> initially wanted Mook to do *all* of the animation for the episodes that
> aired. He got his wish for part of the first season and all of the
> second.

     Yep, heard something similar. Mook was VERY expensive, but once
anyone saw the comparison between Mook and Hanho, it was very hard to
enjoy the Hanho ones as much as the first time around. I am not kidding
when I say that, although I saw it scrambled, this was the best animation
I've ever seen on television, ever...full stop...nothing beat it and
likely never will.

> The "Mountain Tours" bus: is it just me, or did all of the passengers
> on the bus, including the driver, get killed in that scene? When the
> bus is thrown over the cliff, you hear the passengers as it lands in
> the chasm. A few scenes later (in real-time, this would hardly be
> enough for everyone to escape, provided they survived the bus's plunge
> down the cliff), one of the mummies throws the bus at an Enforcer
> chopper, destroying the bus (and chopper) in a large fireball.

     Got two phone calls on this, and had a, well...strongly worded
e-mail exchange. Those people didn't get out, and it was clearly
intended that way. I personally don't worry too much about defining
villains in terms that involve actual consequences, but this was quite
contrary to what usually gets by Broadcast Standards and Practices. I'm
going to call Christian on this one, I liked this ep immensely for the
animation (did have a kind of anime feel to it, didn't it?), story was
pretty good too, sure appreciate seeing characters as good as T-Bone and
Razor given enough respect to warrant this quality of stuff. I suppose
Turner begs to differ.


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