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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 2:12:33 PDT

Kevin L. Knoles writes:
> Here's yet another brief scene I thought up for SWAT Kats: The Movie.
> While flying over MegaKat City after saving the day once again, our
> intrepid aviators prepare to head home.

This sounds like a scene for the end of the movie, *but* it could also
serve as a scene for the beginning.

> T-Bone: Let the cops handle it.

Change 'cops' to 'Enforcers' -- then you could add stuff like:

Razor: But they all just got wiped out back there!

T-Bone: With *Feral* leading them, whaddaya expect? Besides, pal, what
         could *we* do, anyway?

Razor: Well, I was thinking *we* could stop him.

And so on...

On to other stuff:

Given the high traffic on this list, I'll be starting an FAQ shortly.
Let me know if you'd like to put anything on the FAQ and I'll do my
best to accommodate you.

Also, as far as my survey goes: because of limited time I haven't had
a chance to post the results. I will do so as soon as I have the
opportunity to do so.

"The Deadly Pyramid" (an episode I didn't have on tape until this past
showing) was on this past weekend. I've got a few comments
on it (possible SPOILERS ahead):

Animation by Mook. A lot of the stuff, especially the robot, looked
very anime-ish (very nice, in other words). I heard from a couple of people
that I was talking to at ConFurence 6 that Christian Tremblay had
initially wanted Mook to do *all* of the animation for the episodes that
aired. He got his wish for part of the first season and all of the

The "Mountain Tours" bus: is it just me, or did all of the passengers
on the bus, including the driver, get killed in that scene? When the
bus is thrown over the cliff, you hear the passengers as it lands in
the chasm. A few scenes later (in real-time, this would hardly be
enough for everyone to escape, provided they survived the bus's plunge
down the cliff), one of the mummies throws the bus at an Enforcer
chopper, destroying the bus (and chopper) in a large fireball.

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