Comments on Sonic 35 (spoilers)

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 23:16:13 -0500 (EST)

I agree with Quozl that 1 billion rings is a bit much. This story seemed a
bit too strongly based on the games for me. But the Manak/Koslowski art
was OK...

Misc. comments:

Page 4: "oh so"??? I thought only Disney comics (specifically, the Duck
             ones) used that phrase :^)

Other references from other shows: "Big Bird", and "hokey smokes"

The quasi-King James English didn't do much for me, but I suppose it was
sort of "mandatory" (if not consistent: "thous and yous" were intermixed).

Page 12: I thought a sideways figure-eight was the symbol for infinity, not
              eternity, but maybe I'm splitting hairs...

Page 13: The 3rd walker's answer reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode
              where Sherman Helmsley played a mathematician who was stuck on a
              problem and said he'd sell his soul to solve it, and guess who
              showed up? Yup, and he said he'd let Sherman out of his promise
              if he could give him a task he couldn't do or ask him a question
              he couldn't answer, and would let him ask 3 questions beforehand
              to determine the best task to give him. Sherman's response:
              "really?" Devil's answer: "yes, really - that's one!"
              (I'm already off-topic, so I'll stop there...)

Page 14: But I did like Sonic's conclusion: the best answer to all (well,
              I disagree with that) questions is "this isn't fair!" I'm sure
              Job would have a thing or two to say about that...

              But what's a "triple helix"? That chain didn't look like a helix
              at all to me...

Page 15: So now we now what reading material Robotnik gets off on :^)
              And nice sound effect when he crashed...

Page 16: Who gave Sally double irises? Eww...

About the Knuckles story: I guess I didn't like it _or_ hate it, but I'm
not a big Knuckles fan in the first place. I won't call it predictable,
but the one brother being your basic greedy-for-power type wasn't too
surprising; I guess I'll reserve final comment until the whole thing's done.

So where's Scott Fulop going to? Did he burn out on this job, was it time
to move on, or did something better come along? Whatever, I wish him well.

In Sonic 36, we'll "witness Sonic and the Freedom Fighters enter the Zone
of Silence to search for the missing King Acorn!" Looking forward to that,
though it already sounds like it won't quite match the show continuity...

New editor Fred Mendez gave a rather political answer (i.e., a non-answer)
to a letter asking "what happened to Sonic the Hedgehog on ABC?": "I was
too fast for their time slot and Robotnik got his way with the TV people
but you can catch my other show (yes, there were two) on USA Network."

I didn't spot any familiar names in the list of others who wrote in...

Rather weird Anime/video game-like representation of Sonic and Tails on the
last page...

Guess that's all for now.


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