Re: Comments on Sonic 35 (spoilers)

From: Matt Penna <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 21:53:04 -0500

>>Ah, but the double helix is the pattern for life on OUR planet.
>>Who's to say that Mobius' creatures don't use a triple helix? Could
>>account for why there are so many intelligent animal species on
>>Mobius, and not Earth.

Could be true. It would be consistent with some things I've read in the
past. (All fiction, of course. I have no idea what the result would be if an
organism's DNA had more than a double helix, or if some known species
already has this characteristic.) In Archie's ninja turtles comic, a
physician actually analyzed a sample of one of the mutant's DNA and said,
"I'm seeing triple and quadruple helixes." Who knows what would happen?

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