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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 21:08:08 -0500 (EST)

> "Mettle is power, Metal is death"

I like it!

> "Buttons Hall of Fame" page. That page
> will have the names of people who wrote stories (I will ESPECIALLY
> look that Dan's name is in place :') ), who run lists, and who just
> need to be recognized.

You're too kind.

> Now for some comics:
> When you guys have been talking about issue #33, I just got
> issue #32. I am not blaming Archie, but the delivery around here
> is extremely bad!

Blame Archie's distributor, which Ken Penders cites as the reason for
the failure of the Princess Sally miniseries.

> Ancient history -> I don't know if anyone noticed (no one
> posted, anyway), but in Spandize's (spelling?) cover art of issue
> #31 is a small picture, hidden in the upper left corner in the
> mountains. The picture is a head of a person (sort of like
> japanimation) with a fist extended forward. This picture does NOT
> look like a coincidence.

WHOA!! Good eye! I missed it myself. You're right; very Japanese
style, almost like a cross between Sonic and Astroboy (hey, if you're
going to mention a robot in the same breath as Sonic--or any other
Mobian--the robot should be a Good Guy(TM)).

> Stories:
> There seems to be a Star Trek "craze" going on here. What?
> Run out of Freedom Fighter ideas? (no offence intended). Someone
> (Drazen?) posted about "furry" being a slur in his story. I thought
> that most of the Mobius inhabitants WERE "furry's."

As someone pointed out in their post, the slur was used particularly in
Starfleet Academy. If memory serves, someone else mentioned working on
a crossover story and I admitted the idea had crossed my mind, so I
posted the synopsis. Don't expect to see it any time soon; I've got
plenty to do in Real Life(TM). In fact, as soon as I finish going
through my e-mail, I have to work on a term paper about the book of

> Mail To Archie:
> Archie guys said that they have enough story suggestions to
> last them 1.5 years. Is it possible to create a sort of
> "competition", where people send in a lot of stories, and the best
> ones are picked (this would definitely improve the plots), or would
> that just create mayhem, and put the entire section of Archie under
> 6 feet of 1 paragraph :') suggestions? Also, why can't Archie use
> "To be continued"'s? (just curious)

According to Ken Penders' recent posts, it doesn't look like they're
accepting submissions at this time. Also, KP says that there seems to
be a limit of tolerance with continuing stories with the core comic
readership out there (and that may be one reason why so many titles are
dying). So they make do with the pages allotted them each month. I
wouldn't mind continuing stories, either, but there seems to be a
three-issue limit.

Nice to see you back,

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