New Sonic Merchandise: Sonic Look and Find

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 21:21:08 -0500 (EST)

I saw this in the grocery store last night, and for $5 I figured it was
worth having (they only had two left, and if anybody wants them bad enough
to pay me $10 for them (includes shipping) I'll pick them up for them).

Basically it's like a Where's Waldo book except it uses the Sonic characters
(i.e., scenes of many characters doing many things, and you're supposed to
find certain objects and/or people in them).

Penciled by Art Mawhinney, Inked by Dan Burr and Brian Thomas (how did they
_do_ all that, and how long did it take?). Illustration Script Developers:
Ken Penders and Mike Kanterovich.

Published by Louis Weber, CEO,
Publications International, Ltd.
7373 North Cicero Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60646
ISBN: 0-7853-0849-0

The rest of this message contains spoilers, so here's a form feed for you:

The inside front cover has nice pics of the following characters:
Sonic, Tails (though the kind of babyish version that I don't really like),
Sally, Antoine, Bunnie (yay!!! Though about the best pic of her in the
whole book), Rotor, Snively, Swat-bot, and Dr. Robotnik (oddly enough, the
daily version, not the Sat. AM one - maybe they figured the kiddies wouldn't
recognize him otherwise...)

Each page has a follow-the-blur sequence of Sonic doing various things,
which is kind of neat.

Here are some misc. comments on the more interesting things on the
various pages:

Green hill: Sonic saving Sally.

Marble zone: some skunks blasting something off-page (was the original art
bigger?) with aerosol cans; Bunnie trying on jewels from a treasure chest
while being menaced by skeletons.

Aquatic zone: SS Minnow life preserver, Ariel the mermaid (not worried
about being sued by Disney? :^)), Bunnie in a submersible vehicle.

Robotropolis: Just-married Swat-bots???, the robot dog lifting his leg
against a "curb your dog" sign.

South island: some furries playing that fish game with sticks

Knothole: skunk scouts (!), Sonic giving his autograph.

Icecap zone: what is Bunnie holding?

Veg-o-fortress (?): "dangerous curves" indeed :^)

Launch base: Hanger 18: "There's nothing in here. Really." But I thought
the "Shuttle Experiment DOA 86" was a bit in bad taste...

All in all, a nice book for furrie/Sonic fans for $5...


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