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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 96 17:55:38 MST

Doug LoConti <> writes:

> I HATE Antoine as a character.

I see Antoine as a foil for Sonic. Sonic is cool; Antoine is the epitomy of
uncool. This works to great advantage in the SatAM show, but isn't as effective
in solo stories in the Archie comic series.

> (he's very annoying and doesn't provide that comic relief. I think Rotor is a
> better comic relief, and he's usually not even funny!)

Rotor is an unsung hero of the Freedom Fighters. It's clear that what he does
is essential to their missions, but since he isn't always risking his hide like
Sonic, his role doesn't seem as exciting. "Tundra Road" goes a long way towards
changing this though.

> I'm partial to Tails and Sally myself. :)

Who isn't? ;-)

A few comments on recent Sonic comic issues:


#31 - I too noticed the figure in the rocks on the cover, as Dmitry points out.
At first I thought it was a mountain spirit, but now it's beginning to make
sense in the context of the "Lost...and Found!" and succeeding Knuckles stories.

#32 - It seems odd that Mobie is more anthropoid than ursine, despite being
called a bear. I also note that Uncle Chuck is drawn using an older hedgehog
design (from Scott Shaw!), while Sonic has become more streamlined. Does this
mean that Sonic is wearing a different spine-style now? :-)

#33 - I just _love_ the cover! It just grows on you, it looks like it's been
drawn from life. :-) I really appreciate the amount of detail Spaz puts into
his backgrounds. As for the story "Let's Get small!", I enjoyed it. Despite
what some others may say, Manak's artwork appeals to me. (Hmm, it would be
funny to see Alf in a Manak-drawn story, now that he's making a small comeback.)
While the setting isn't entirely original ("Fantastic Voyage", and even "Honey,
I Shrunk the Hedgehog" from the weekday Sonic cartoon were set in micro-worlds),
and there wasn't much of a plot, the puns more than made up for it by the end.
:-) The other freedom fighters were just cured too easily for me, but it was
fun to see Tails in drag. I didn't think that "Froggy Boy" was an appropriate
insult for Sonic to be hurling (although quite in character for him); perhaps
something along the lines of "Frog in ones throat" would have been better.

I also noticed in the ad for SuperSonic vs. HyperKnuckles (2nd last page),
that "YIELDS" is in neither Sonic's nor Knuckles' vocabulary. I guess we
can rib Mike Gallagher about it. :-)

One comment about "Sonic Shot" -- Ken Penders' Tails looks a bit off. Maybe
it's the neck, or the snout, but it just doesn't look like Tails to me. Or
is this an older Tails we're beginning to see now? :-)

SuperSonic vs. HyperKnuckles - as has been already mentioned on the list,
the pin-up poster was a couple of pages off-center. Maybe the two Archie
ads were inserted after the page layout for "Crash of the Titans" had been
done? Art Mawhinney is to be commended for his pencilling on this one.
I liked the cameo appearance of Orbinaut - Swatbots get oh so tiresome.
The "legal department" line was hilarious, too. (At least to us on the
Sonic list here, where it was coincidentally(?) a double entendre.)

"Fathers and Sons", like most of the Knuckles stories I've read, has him
musing quietly to himself all the way through. This really builds mood.
Interesting to see that Knuckle's dad has dreads too.

Well, that's enough rambling for today...

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