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The KNUCKLES stories have been something of a departure from how we handle
SONIC. For one thing, SEGA has been VERY receptive to the back story we're
creating for him. As you will see, it's somewhat more dark and serious than
anything you've yet seen in the SONIC stories. FATHERS & SONS, if anything,
is more in the tone of the upcoming mini-series than anything that has come
before. The key difference is that the mini-series has a LOT more action. The
interesting aspect is how the stories developed. Initially, I came up with
the concept of KNUCKLES undergoing some sort of training period/ascension
rite to show how he became Guardian of the Floating Island. Archimedes was
created to play a specific role in that development. As initially presented,
KNUCKLES was TOO much of a loner, and he needed someone to play off of. When
the mini-series was proposed later, more was called for and we had to rethink
a number of items in order to really make this special. For instance, we were
told to lay the groundwork in a back-up sequence for three issues leading
into the mini-series, much like we had done previously for PRINCESS SALLY.
After we had completed those 3 eight page segments and the 1st issue of
KNUCKLES, we had received word Scott wanted another KNUCKLES story for the SS
VS HK SPECIAL #1. This, in turn, led to the development of FATHERS & SONS,
essentially a last minute decision on my part and Mike's to feature a crucial
development that will be an important part to KNUCKLES during the mini-series
and beyond. You, the reader, will be required to fill in some blanks until we
fill them in for you. (This is called a set-up. If sales are comparable to
SONIC'S, a KNUCKLES series shouldn't be long in coming. And, boy, is there a
lot of stories to tell you.)

One thing for those who try to keep track of continuity in the SONIC
UNIVERSE. We have tried to consider what was being done in other books and
especially in the cartoons. However, we never had access to everything that
was going on regarding the animated series unless the people at SEGA informed
us. However, because of dealines and the approval process, it just wasn't
possible to be as consistent as we'd like. Consequently, when the cartoon
went off the air, it freed the status quo up a lot in order of what we could
and couldn't do. Also, SEGA seems to have a better grasp of what they do and
don't want to do with the characters. For example, originally, KNUCKLES was
the only echidna and the last of his kind. And now........but that would be
telling, and you'll just have to wait and see.

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