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> look like a coincidence. Well, at least it not like what Disney is
> doing with their cartoon classics (word SEX in "Lion King". Want
> more? Too bad).

The "SEX" claim is merely an unsubstantiated rumor, but that's another
issue that I won't go into on the list.
Stories: There seems to be a Star Trek "craze" going on here. What?
> Run out of Freedom Fighter ideas? (no offence intended). Someone

I don't think a few story ideas constitutes a "craze", but let's just see
how the stories turn out.

> (Drazen?) posted about "furry" being a slur in his story. I thought
> that most of the Mobius inhabitants WERE "furry's."

They are. I believe he meant that 'furry' is used as a slur by the
humanoids in the Federation/Starfleet.

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