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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 00:56:22 -0500 (EST)

Hello Everybody!

     I didn't post very often because of the $203 phone bill I got
from calling AOL (KILL THEM, PLEASE!), but I sent a request for an
unlimited E-mail service (DC's CapAccess <just in case you want it,
E-mail me>), and got it!

     Now, Sonic stuff (I bet previous stuff was NOT interesting):

I am currently working on some projects relating StH and this list.
A story (that one is incredibly slow. I think I know how Archie
feels), a picture, a statue of Sonic and Sally back-to-back looking
kind of mean (that one has a quote under it. I got the idea from
the StH game name. The quote is "Mettle is power, Metal is death"),
and the last one is a Sonic the Hedgehog "Blue" (yellow) Pages.
That last one will have the E-mail addresses of all the people who
called in 1996 (and maybe before that). That thing has graphics, a
small list info file, and a "Buttons Hall of Fame" page. That page
will have the names of people who wrote stories (I will ESPECIALLY
look that Dan's name is in place :') ), who run lists, and who just
need to be recognized. That file (Yes, just one 'Neobook' file
<Isn't there someone from Neosoft here>) is just a reference for
people with bad memories (such as myself), and it is NOT
copyrighted (details within). It should be finished some time soon
(I hope).

Now for some comics:
     When you guys have been talking about issue #33, I just got
issue #32. I am not blaming Archie, but the delivery around here
is extremely bad!
     Ancient history -> I don't know if anyone noticed (no one
posted, anyway), but in Spandize's (spelling?) cover art of issue
#31 is a small picture, hidden in the upper left corner in the
mountains. The picture is a head of a person (sort of like
japanimation) with a fist extended forward. This picture does NOT
look like a coincidence. Well, at least it not like what Disney is
doing with their cartoon classics (word SEX in "Lion King". Want
more? Too bad).

     There seems to be a Star Trek "craze" going on here. What?
Run out of Freedom Fighter ideas? (no offence intended). Someone
(Drazen?) posted about "furry" being a slur in his story. I thought
that most of the Mobius inhabitants WERE "furry's."

Mail To Archie:
     Archie guys said that they have enough story suggestions to
last them 1.5 years. Is it possible to create a sort of
"competition", where people send in a lot of stories, and the best
ones are picked (this would definitely improve the plots), or would
that just create mayhem, and put the entire section of Archie under
6 feet of 1 paragraph :') suggestions? Also, why can't Archie use
"To be continued"'s? (just curious)
  P.S. I am glad to see most of Archie's Sonic division on this
list (and in my "Blue" pages)

And finally, a question off topic:
     Has anyone heard of the writer Tuve Janson? He published a
couple of books somewhere in Europe. All of those books are about
a small group of animals that have some interesting adventures. I
have one of his books, titled "The Magician's Hat". If you have any
info on this author, please reply to my E-mail. Please note:

Y S Writer/Sculptor/Hacker S "If it ain't S
L Dmitry O Collector A blue, don't get A
L Murashchik N And all that other cool L it" - ME L
A I stuff that won't make a L (A rule I try L
S C difference on a resume. Y to follow) Y
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