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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 15:09:22 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 wrote:
> Which Freedom Fighters do you think you're not seeing enough of? Bunnie? Yep,
> I agree there. You're gonna see more of her in upcoming issues. Antoine,
> Rotor and Tails are featured practically every issue. The same can be said
> for Sally. We've introduced Geoffrey of his Majesty's Secret Service, which
> makes him a defacto Freedom Fighter. We've shown Dylan, Arlo, Penelope and
> Hamlin as Freedom Fighters in training. If I'm missing something in your
> inquiry, please be more specific.
> Ken

How about DULCY... I don't see much of her since she was first introduced.

Yes... Long ago I said I didn't care for Dulcy on the TV series due to
her annoying voice... Well, now that she's in a comic [and in fanfic
stories], I can imagine her voice as not so annoying and I've gotten to
like her much better.

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Doug LoConti replied:

> No offense, (not YOU guys's fault, I blame Sega,) I HATE Antoine as a
> charachter. I'd actually like to see LESS of him. ;) (he's very
> annoying and doesn't provide that comic relief. I think Rotor is a
> better comic releif, and he's usually not even funny!) I'm partial to
> Tails and Sally myself. :)

I've thought Antoine's potential has been 'underused' at times... Some of
the last episodes of the Sat AM series were finally beginning to see his
potential (like when he was kidnapped and Snively tried to get info out of
him by torturing him with bad cooking)

I know I can get that way when I see someone 'doing it wrong' while using
a word processor or other program which I'm familiar with. "Ahhh! You're
trying to line things up with spaces when you should be using tabs! Ahhh!
Why aren't you using paragraph styles? Ahhh! Why are you adding all of
your misspelled words to the spelling directory? (things I've had to deal
with in my office... Ahhhh!)"

Dan Drazen said he's working on a story with Antoine being used in a
positive way. Long ago I said I couldn't think of any ideas for my
own Sonic stories... So far I have about 4 ideas floating around...
the most complete idea will have Antoine playing a very positive role
(it also presents my theory as to how power rings work). [I think I've
briefly described some of these ideas to someone on the list... Dan I

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