Re: Mobius Trek: Voygur

From: William Graham <>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 96 17:46:23 MST

Suni the Hedgehog writes:

> Does anyone know the capital of Dalmont (The French province on Mobius) I
> need it to use as Tim's last name. (Paris-France. Get it?)

If you are getting this from one of Antoine's lines in "Spyhog" (the episode
where he is captured and Snively tortures him by mis-preparing food), I
believe he says he is from "d'Aliment", which, of course, means "of food" in
English. (Well, _I_ thought it was a clever pun. But then again, I'm a real
sucker when it comes to bad puns, which is one of the things I find charming
about the Sonic comics and toons.)

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