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Wohah. That's not ANYTHING like mine--altho you have a cool idea.

My idea is a Voyager Parallel. It deals with the final restoration of Mobius,
and the inhabitance of the planet find that a interdimetional (sp?) barrier
has been found that can send them to another time in their galaxy. The
timeline for Mobius is the same as yours, and the Heros of Yesterday have
already passed. Animals are already sending out ships to meet the
'humanoids'. (They're called Mamma-oids'--Fuzzy!) The little but powerful
ship MIC(Mobius Interplanitary Craft) _Voygur_ set off to find a renegade
band of the Mercenatiors (Maquis). En Route, it was wisked off, thru the
barrier, to the Caretaker Array.
  Since the Chaos Emeralds are the man source of power for the ships, and
that we already know how to kick butt in making ships, the highest warp ever
reached safely would be:

 TRANSWARP 9.95!!!!

Haha! I can't wait to write what Tom Paris's face would look like after he
finds THAT out!
And since the mammaoids can stand it with out turning into amphibians...

 The Ship: MIC Voyger
 The Capitan: Kathryn 'Kat' Hawkway (They all go by a first name basis)
 The 1st Officer: Talonchye 'Talon'
 The Security Chief: Clawif Salgon
 The Helmsman: Timothy Eugene Guilde* 'Tim'
 The Chief Engineer: Chipana Anderson 'Chippie'
 The Ops Manager: Garry Rei
 The Doctor: Doc Arburman
 The Cook: Dannix
 The Nurse: Frylai
 The Mission: To seek out strange new worlds, to boldly go where no animal
has gone before!!



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