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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 17:54:52 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Kris Kelley wrote:

> > IMO, a healthy boyfriend-girlfriend (or whatever) relationship is not
> > purely mental in basis. Sure, it's usually best if such a relationship
> > *is* grounded firmly in mutual interests and whatnot, but let's face
> > facts; we're mammals. We don't reproduce by budding, okay? We're
> > sexual animals, after all, and we all feel the primal urge at one time
> > or another. Naturally, this should be fodder in any realistic look
> > at Mobius for a few stories.
> But that isn't what these characters were created for. Understand this:
> Mobius and its inhabitants exist in *fiction*. How they act and what they
> do is entirely up to the creators of these characters. To fly off the
> handle and have these characters doing what the authors never intended for
> them to do, and then try to cover it in the shroud of 'realism'... that feels
> very cold.

Well, ther are already boy- and girl-friends in the Sonic universe, as
well as kissing and "babes", so it just seems a natural expansion. You
may ignore it if you wish.

> > I'm not saying that should be *all* that one focuses on, before you get
> > the revolver out and plug me...but you can't just *ignore* it, either.
> If the original creators choose to ignore it, it is ignored. If you want
> a more 'realistic' look at how a a sentient male hedgehog and a sentient
> female squirrel would react to each other, then how about creating your
> own characters to do so? Leave Sonic and Sally out of it.

If you leave yourself out of it, everyone involved would be happy, the
author, the reader, and you.

> > It's a part of human (and Mobian) nature to desire physical and mental
> > love, fellas.
> I'll believe that when the characters creators say that.

They have already, although more subtlely.

> > And, IMO, "Tail" was written well enough to qualify as a coming-of-age
> > story in its own right. It didn't get overly detailed about some of
> > the aspects of sexual reproduction, it didn't make one's stomach turn...
> > hell, it was pretty friggin' funny in a few places. Kudos to the author
> > of it; I wish *I* could have written it first.
> >
> Maybe so. Again I feel the it should have been written with original
> characters.

Tails has to come of age one day or another, he's already 10.

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