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From: Matt Penna <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 17:09:08 -0500

>But that isn't what these characters were created for.

Who are we kidding? The characters were created for one purpose only: To
make money. When Sonic was first introduced back in '91, what do you think
the Sega executives were thinking about? How to create a cute, magical,
wonderful character in order to make the world a better place? I think not.
They wanted us to enjoy it, because: our enjoyment=their profits.

>How they act and what they do is entirely up to the creators of these
characters. To fly off the
>handle and have these characters doing what the authors never intended for
>them to do, and then try to cover it in the shroud of 'realism'... that feels
>very cold.

If somebody else were actually doing something progressive with these
characters, I might agree with you. However, since the games have been put
on hold and the show has been cancelled, I really don't think the creators
would care what we do with them now. Does anybody even know who these people
are? I really don't think it makes any difference, considering that SEGA
owns the rights to them, anyway. Also, how do you know what the creators
originally intended? For all we know, SEGA bought the rights to the
characters from some cartoonist who was using them as logos for his
on-the-side pornographic video store. As ridiculous as this sounds, the
question remains, how do we know?

>>I'm not saying that should be *all* that one focuses on, before you get
>> the revolver out and plug me...but you can't just *ignore* it, either.
>If the original creators choose to ignore it, it is ignored. If you want
>a more 'realistic' look at how a a sentient male hedgehog and a sentient
>female squirrel would react to each other, then how about creating your
>own characters to do so? Leave Sonic and Sally out of it.

I disagree again. If everything which is considered different, new or
invalid were ignored, the human race would never had advanced anywhere. Do
you think that the famous inventors in history just had a brilliant flash
and went and built something? Of course not. They tried many, many different
things, often using discarded ideas of others. That's the key to all of
this. The fan-fic authors are trying new ideas, which no one has done
before, or ideas which someone MIGHT have thought of before. Whether
someone agrees with the content or not is everyone's own personal choice.

     I haven't read the story yet, so I cannot make a judgement on it. I can
enjoy any story, from Jack and Jill to War and Peace. If a story is
pornographic, fine. If it's content is intended for "mature" audiences,
fine. It just better have the story to back it up. This is true whether a
story is controversial or not. If it's good, I like it. If the plot is full
of holes and the story is just uninteresting, I don't like it. Sex adds
points to the plot, it doesn't create the plot.

Based on what I've heard, the story "Tail" involves Tails coming of age,
including the aspects of sexual maturity. As I said before, I enjoy the
stories which have a serious tone to them, so I'll probably enjoy this one.
Come on people, puberty and adolescence are very natural segments of all of
our lives. There is nothing wrong or dirty about it. I find it amazing that
discussing this stage of our growth, which has such a profound influence on
us, is taboo.

Just my thoughts...


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