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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 00:34:07 -0800

At 11:22 PM 1/30/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> And, IMO, "Tail" was written well enough to qualify as a coming-of-age
>> story in its own right. It didn't get overly detailed about some of
>> the aspects of sexual reproduction, it didn't make one's stomach turn...
>> hell, it was pretty friggin' funny in a few places. Kudos to the author
>> of it; I wish *I* could have written it first.
>Maybe so. Again I feel the it should have been written with original

Heh, now Kris knows I am one to LOVE a good argument <smirk>

But I gotta totally agree with him on his entire sentiment. I just can't
imagine the creators of these charcters wanting to even KNOW that their
characters are being warped in peoples minds this way.

This is also one of the reasons why I made my OWN characters for drawing and
such--for one, they're MINE! :) Secondly so that I wouldn't hafta draw
Sonic in his USUAL poses and expressions. If I wanted something a bit tired
looking or depressed--well, my OWN character(s) can be that way and it
wouldn't be totally out of character for them since *I* made them and know
them best.

I can imagine my own character, Miles, gutting out a computer and building a
new and improved Commodore VIC-2000. <snicker> But Sonic? Would be as
out of character for him to do that as some of these fanfics have gotten. :P

My 2 cents, folks! :)

OH! also, gotta side with Kris on this one too, Rat dewd. :P Seems to me
that criticising the fanfics ARE part of the mailing list. <shrug> :)

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