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> IMO, a healthy boyfriend-girlfriend (or whatever) relationship is not
> purely mental in basis. Sure, it's usually best if such a relationship
> *is* grounded firmly in mutual interests and whatnot, but let's face
> facts; we're mammals. We don't reproduce by budding, okay? We're
> sexual animals, after all, and we all feel the primal urge at one time
> or another. Naturally, this should be fodder in any realistic look
> at Mobius for a few stories.

But that isn't what these characters were created for. Understand this:
Mobius and its inhabitants exist in *fiction*. How they act and what they
do is entirely up to the creators of these characters. To fly off the
handle and have these characters doing what the authors never intended for
them to do, and then try to cover it in the shroud of 'realism'... that feels
very cold.
> I'm not saying that should be *all* that one focuses on, before you get
> the revolver out and plug me...but you can't just *ignore* it, either.

If the original creators choose to ignore it, it is ignored. If you want
a more 'realistic' look at how a a sentient male hedgehog and a sentient
female squirrel would react to each other, then how about creating your
own characters to do so? Leave Sonic and Sally out of it.

> It's a part of human (and Mobian) nature to desire physical and mental
> love, fellas.

I'll believe that when the characters creators say that.

> And, IMO, "Tail" was written well enough to qualify as a coming-of-age
> story in its own right. It didn't get overly detailed about some of
> the aspects of sexual reproduction, it didn't make one's stomach turn...
> hell, it was pretty friggin' funny in a few places. Kudos to the author
> of it; I wish *I* could have written it first.
Maybe so. Again I feel the it should have been written with original

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