Sonic 33, was: AIEEE, etc.

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 0:03:38 -0500 (EST)

>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 10:49:21 -0600 (CST)
>From: James Firmiss <>
>Subject: AIEE! Ignore Last Message from me (Stupid Mail Program)

>By the way.... Anyone get Sonic #33 yet (I think its 33... it could be
>32... its the one with Sonic being attacked by slimy stuff on the cover?)

Just picked it up today...

>I got my copy about a week ago from the comic shop and haven't heard anyone
>talk about it yet.

Nothing worth saying, IMHO :^| It'll be interesting to see Dan's flame,
er, review of it... Here are my comments: (spoiler warning)

The cover is the most interesting part of the whole issue, IMHO...

Story art by Manak and Harvo; enough said...

The story is clearly geared for the kiddies and others who can suspend
belief enough to accept anthropomorphic germs and antibodies. Not much
more to say about it...

The never-ending Knuckles story: another mystery figure joins the "plot"...

The hockey game with Snively: barely the best of the issue, but you'd think
the FFers would've realized Robotnik wouldn't honor his bet if he lost,
thus why take the risk of _them_ losing? (It wasn't clear that they had no
choice...) And Snively seemed out of character from the show...

At least Dan will be happy there's no office humor (but no letters page
either) in this issue; instead, it was replaced with the annual legal
hooey, which is actually rather interesting once you learn how to read it
(or scary, if I read it right - comments from insider Paul Castiglia would
be appreciated):

"average" in the following is for the preceding 12 months,
"actual" is the issue published nearest to the filing date:

15A: Total No. Copies: Ave.: 202902, actual: 196690
15B: Paid and/or requested circulation:
     1. Sales through dealers and carriers,
         street vendors and counter sales: Ave.: 57996, actual: 65080
     2. Paid or requested mail subscriptions: ave.: 5671, actual: 5516
15C: Total paid and/or requested circulation: ave.: 63667, actual: 70596
15D: Free distribution by mail; samples,
     complimentary, and other free: ave.: 468, actual: 542
15F: Total distribution: ave.: 64135, actual: 71138
15G: Total not distributed:
     1. office use, leftovers, spoiled: ave.: 7898, actual: 7862
     2. Returns from news agents: ave.: 130869, actual: 117690
15I: Total: ave.: 202902, actual: 196690
     Percent paid and/or requested circulation: ave.: 99.3%, actual: 99.3%

My question to Paul is the following: is over a two-thirds return rate
normal and/or acceptable, or is this bad news for Sonic?


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