Sonic#33 .. Ooh, should I warn everyone?

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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 00:56:15 +1100

The lead story tonight, "Lets Get Small" is a Gallagher and Manak
combo. Well lets say it's not one of those stories you'll be able
to consider seriously or will satisfy the Mobian story followers.
I'm easily amused though, so I think it's one of the fun ones.
(I would be annoyed if this where an expensive comic..) Be thankful
that Chris Riccarrdi or Mike Kazaleh don't work for Archie. :)

Avoiding any spoilers, an interesting thing is this month's
Dastardly Robotnik Plan uses "Microbionics", what we on the list
have referred to as Nanites.

No Sonicgrams (or Office Joke) this issue.

Story #2 is another suspense-filled two page installment from the
Knuckles saga. I'm just shaking with anticipation for the
conclusion of this one. (Come back Office Joke! All is forgiven!)
What's the equivalent of a "FFF" for a comic? Look at the hand
in the second panel on the second page.

The third and final story is probably the most interesting for what
it's worth-- we get to see a bit more of Snively's character
clashes a bit with everyone's previous proposals..


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