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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:19:02 -0500 (EST)

>Ive just read mightys mail about fanfic.....
>And must say i disagree with him on it. It is good to have diffrent
>ideas of how mobius might progress, each a parrallel universe to
>another. This allows everyone to have a vision of what they think
>happens, and allows us, to read each story for its own worth, and to
>consider it on its own merits.

I'm glad people dissagree with me so easily. It seems like a bombardment
for a simple letter stating something, but I'll get to that.

>I mean the BAM storyline, i realy like
>it, but some of what happens contradicts other storys... So what, its
>still a good story, i like to feel that it is set in a parrallel to the
>other story, thus the problem of contridictions is solved.

I never said it wasn't. The one problem with E-mail (besides it being used
to corrupt the people), is that you can't understand my tone when I make a
comment. I personally LIKE BAM quite a lot! Especially the deluxe
version-such dedication over something that COULD HAVE BEEN trivial is what
made it great. Hats off to the author of BAM, (whom which I personally
spoke with,) for he is truly a fine storywriter! As point of fact, (to
quote Levine), it is unwise to assume how I feel about a thing (ie the
story) when I only commented about the Sonic writing process as a whole.
Please try to refrain from such in the future! :)

>Also about the robotisizer, also a good idea in my point of view...BUT
>remeber Robotniks Forces have main robotisizers, these i have been lead
>to belive can do many at once, where as the FF only have a one at a time
>BLUE robotisizer, this means that they now have a weapon to use agenst
>robotnik, but robotnik still has an edge so to speak. For every one the
>FF derobotisise, Robuttnik can do many, possible hundreds.

This is very correct. In such, (hypothetically speaking,) we are fighting a
futile war. The only thing that keeps it going is our ambition (as freedom
fighters,) which perhaps will not last. I say this for two reasons,
(bringing up new points,) first off, Robotnik may inevidably win. SECONDLY,
and most importantly, what will be of the next generation? I see singles,
(at most doubles), of different species. Are they going to interbreed? As
point in fact, how would a half-squirrel half-hedgehog look for a kid?
(Sally and Sonic in contrast, of course..) it, would most likely, not work. =

....and more generally, (do not flame me for this-this is on-topic in my

What is it to become "obsessed" with what once a video game? I'm not
blaming anyone-I am myself. And I'm not inviting flames, such as, "well, if
you don't like it, leave!"...I'm asking, rather friends suspect
me as being "messed-up" for such obsession, (which I probably am...) but I
have been into Sonic when Sonic the Hedgehog was released on the old
system....I'm what you'd call a "classic fan"... we all are... (I would
think..) what what makes us this? What obsession? I don't want it to lead
somewhere bad, and as much as I hate conformity, do any of you think this
obsession with a make-beleive world is normal? Please answer in a truthful
and non-sarcastic tone. If you have to flame me, don't. It will waste
"precious bandwith" (I love that line) and will make me sad.

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