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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 09:11:06 -0500 (EST)

> This is very correct. In such, (hypothetically speaking,) we are fighting a
> futile war. The only thing that keeps it going is our ambition (as freedom
> fighters,) which perhaps will not last. I say this for two reasons,
> (bringing up new points,) first off, Robotnik may inevidably win. SECONDLY,
> and most importantly, what will be of the next generation? I see singles,
> (at most doubles), of different species. Are they going to interbreed? As
> point in fact, how would a half-squirrel half-hedgehog look for a kid?
> (Sally and Sonic in contrast, of course..) it, would most likely, not work. =
> =20

In the spirit of fools rushing in where angels fear to tred:

Ever since the conclusion of "Sally's Crusade" (In Your Face #1), the
convention seems to be that in an interspecies marriage, the species
would remain intact, possibly linked to gender [c.f. the image of a
pint-sized Sonic and Sally tearing around the castle]. I'll admit that
I thought the "flashforward" of the story sort of bogus on first read,
but it seems to have settled into the canon.

> ....and more generally, (do not flame me for this-this is on-topic in my
> oppinion,)
> What is it to become "obsessed" with what once a video game? I'm not
> blaming anyone-I am myself. And I'm not inviting flames, such as, "well, if
> you don't like it, leave!"...I'm asking, rather friends suspect
> me as being "messed-up" for such obsession, (which I probably am...) but I
> [snip]

Will Rogers once observed: "Everybody's ignorant, only in different
subjects." IMHO, it's the same with obsession. Those of us on this
list have an obsession for the blue blur (or one of the costars of the
show), but it's not like we invented the condition. There are some
model railroad enthusiasts, or Star Trek devotees, or Notre Dame
football fans who make us look absolutely sane by comparison. Any onus
we might experience is probably more due to the fact that our interest
is in a cartoon character rather than something "normal." But, hey, if
it works for you, then maybe the question of "normal" is secondary. At
least, that's what my analyst says ;-) .

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