See you in a little while :'(

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 22:10:45 -0500

Hey people! (guys didn't seem to work)
    My time on AOL has expired, and I don't want to pay extra. But, the good
news is, I found a BBS that gave me free E-Mail acces. Now I just have to
wait untill MAJODOMO answers. See you when I see you (whenever that will be
<hopefully soon>).

Now to Sonic business:
     I see that some people didn't read all the stories. That's OK. I didn't
either. But I do suggest that the first ones (or next ones, if you didn't
read them) would be either "Bloodlines" or "Capture the Flag". Both tell
quite a bit about history of Sonic/Sally, and both are written with a
book-like(?) style.

Have a nice post! :') / :'(

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"You FOOORCED me to use theees!" David (and some others)
           - Ren (P.S. Is this logo ok?)
(P.P.S. Don't anwer that unless you really have to, or untill you see me
posting messages again.)

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